Dear Dad..


Dear Dad,
I don’t know how happy you were when you saw me for the first time and holded me in your hands. I wanted to tell you that you made me equally happier at each and every phase of my life. You are the best dad and I am the luckiest daughter in the world and I am really proud of it. The reason for my happiness ‘was’ and ‘is’ is just you dad. Dad, I will never find out how you manage to love me despite all the pain I have given you. I never made your dreams come true. May be I don’t deserve the selfless love of an affectionate dad like you. I am so lucky in that case. I love you dad. I just can’t put words how much you mean for me. Every girl dreams about living the life of a princess. I have never dreamed of that because I have always been treated like a princess by you. I wanted a best friend with whom I can share anything in my life. You were there always to fill the Best friend place too. You know all my secrets.

You brought me every single toy that I wanted when I was young. I hope I can return the favor by achieving every single goal that you always wanted me to. But your aims are too high and I doubt whether I can reach till there or not. All these years, I have always done what I wanted to, without thinking about its impact on you. Yet, you never did anything without thinking of its impact of me. You are such a gem. I was a naughty kid I remember. I remember my childhood vaguely. During summer holidays after a tiring day of yours, when I used to play the whole day outside in sand and dust, I used to check for you by running at the corner of the street at the evening time. As soon as you come, I remember running towards you with hands and dress dumped with sand. You never shouted on me for that. I remember you telling this dialogue “Even if we give more than 24 hours a day for you to play, it will not be enough”. You even bought me a bicycle when I don’t even know the spelling of it. You have given me everything I needed before I ask. You never shouted at me. You never beat me. You trust me more than I do. I promise you that I will keep your trust always. Sometimes I ask this question to myself “How Dad How, How can you love me so much?” You were never selfish. You never bought anything for yourself. Mom was trying to give the gifts with her own money since few years.
You have the most difficult job in the world called BEST DAD. It involves dealing with the toughest customers and clients in the world called TEENAGE SON and TEENAGE DAUGHTER. You have both with a quick diversion mindset. Still, you have molded us in a very right way. You never forced your dreams on us. Dad, you have taught me to be simple and be bold as a guy. I think I have followed it too much and I am still following, that’s why my friend’s still call me a boy. I feel really proud when you address me as your elder son and sometimes you suddenly say I won’t be with you for the entire life because I am a daughter. That’s not true dad. We will be together always. We will make the future son-in-law to stay with us. I am not gonna leave you. My day is not completed without talking to you. I may be your LITTLE girl, but I am also your BIGGEST fan. I miss you
dad. When I am sad, all I needed is your arms to rest and share my problems with you. You just solve them in seconds. I have learnt a lot from you dad. I will keep learning. You are my role model. Dad, today is your birthday. But, I need a gift. I hope you will give for me. All I needed is you to be healthy and happy as always. Don’t take too many tensions. Life is all about the small happiness and sweet little moments.

My dream is to make you the happiest dad in the world while your dream is to make me the happiest daughter in the world.
How perfect!

Your little Daughter


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