Coorg- Switzerland of India


A regular chat with my friend Srividya who’s working in Hyderabad. She told she might meet me in Bangalore next month.

Me: “Why are you coming to Bangalore?”

She: “We are going to Coorg”.

Me:  “Oh Damn… Coorg?”

She: “Yeah, we will come to Bangalore and pickup one of our friends and start to Coorg”.

Me: “I wanna visit the place too. Can I come along with you? Ask your colleagues”

She: “Sure. I will let you know soon”

She says “Okay” and soon I was added to the WhatsApp group “Coorg”.


Its perfect place to unwind yourself far away from the busy cities. Is situated on the Western Ghats of Karnataka in South India. One trip to Coorg and it’ll haunt you for the rest of your life. It has incomparable scenic beauty, waterfalls, green valleys, coffee plantations, teak wood forests. Coorg has nature at its best. If you wanna feel the fresh freezing air and dance on the mountains while raining and just want to close your eyes and feel the nature and listen to the waterfalls, sounds of birds… then Coorg is just the place for you! If you are a photographer who wants to capture the nature’s beauty at its best, Coorg is the place for you. Even if you want to take more and more pics and upload in social media, you will have hundreds of your pics at the end of the trip.



The Trip:

After much await finally the time has came for us to pack bags and start on a road trip to coorg. The team was about 15 people including me, out of which I knew only 3 people. Remaining people are complete strangers to me. I was little tensed, little excited to explore new places with new people. I couldn’t sleep all night and was just waiting for alarm to ring at 2’O clock. I got ready immediately and was waiting for the call from my friends who were in the bus. I had already shared my location so that they will pick me from my PG building. My phone rings “Hi Akshitha, This is Paarth. Please come in front of your building. We are already here”. As I came out of my room, it was pitch dark. I slowly moved near the steps and switched on all the lights. I reached downstairs and asked our watchman to come along with me till the end of the street as it was completely dark and many dogs were there on the street.

I took my luggage and was walking towards the end of the street, I could see a bus. A new face signed to come inside the bus. As soon as I entered the bus, the new face introduced himself “Hi, This is Paarth”. I said “Hi Paarth. Good Morning”. There comes another person Akshay, Srividyas friend whom I had seen him in her fb pics many times. He welcomed me with a big smile on his face and a warm handshake. I entered into the bus. Few people are sleeping and others are taking pictures. I found my friends sitting on the first row of the bus. I was excited to see them. I went there, kept my luggage aside and sat beside them. SriVidya, whom I had met before long time and Chintu, whom I rarely met after he left for US. I was excited to meet them. I sat with them and started discussing about things. After couple of minutes we reached another girls apartment. Everyone from the bus needed some refreshment as they were travelling since 13 hours. We got down there. Her name is Preeti, I was meeting her for the first time. She welcomed everyone to her flat and prepared coffee. It was a duplex flat fully furnished which was really beautiful. As srividya went to freshen up, I was sitting on sofa with Chintu and talking about their journey from Hyderabad to Bangalore. After sometime, we have started to Coorg.

As soon as we reached the outskirts of the Bangalore, guys in our team wanted to sit on the top of the bus. I found myself looking out of the window of the bus passing some amazing locations on the highway. So you can imagine my excitement when they planned to go to the top of the bus. A girl who loves adventures will always be ready to take the first step. When I asked them, they welcomed me to sit on the top of the bus. We took our place and bus has started moving. It was so refreshing and soon it was freezing cold. I was not the same, sitting on the rooftop of the bus for the first time in my life and feeling the air rushing into my hair and pulling me backwards. It was just amazing. There comes the actual problem, it started drizzling and we planned to get down. I was excited and climbed the bus easily. How now? Will I be able to get down properly? It didn’t seem to be easy. But guys helped me in getting downJ. It might not be a great adventure but “First Time” things are always special.


We next went into a place called Bylakuppe. Bylakuppe is a small town. It has a police station, commercial banks, a telephone exchange, a post office, lodges and hotels. This town is home to the several Tibetan settlements. We have gone into the Tibetan temple and amazed by its architecture. We went to a regular park in Coorg. Even a regular park in Coorg is beautiful as heaven. There’s a river flowing and huge bushes which will leave with no clue where you are going. Akshay said “Let’s start a new adventure by going this way inside the bushes”. We all started moving inside. Chintu said “There won’t be anything inside, I won’t come”, but soon as we all started he came with us. There was no ending to that path. We then came back to the starting point. While going in the bus, all started singing Bollywood songs and Punjabi songs. After many songs, they were thinking what song to sing next. I like this song “Tu Jaane na”. I want to tell them to sing that but I couldn’t because they were still new to me. But in sometime Ashuthosh started singing the same song. I was happy to hear that song. We next went to our home stay to freshen up after a long journey.

Wow is all you can say when you walk into the huge living room and vast bed rooms with good facilities which is located in a beautiful scenery which were shown in books in the school times. And the space in front the living room makes you feel that you are away from the world and people. All you can feel is the nature and its perfume. We next visited Raja’s Seat which is located in 600mts from our place. We started walking on roads which were filled with fog and you can see only about 2 mts ahead. I love to walk, especially on these roads, it’s gonna be amazing. We started walking and we reached Raja’s seat in no time. We bought Radium bracelets which glow in dark and went inside the park. We took few group pics and went for dinner. We separated vegans and non-vegans among us and ordered the food separately. I sat with new friends who are Akanksha, Nupur, Ashuthosh, Akshay, Shreena and Sukanya whereas Sri Vidya, Shilpa and Chintu sat with remaining people as they are non-vegans. I felt little uncomfortable surrounded by new friends with whom I barely spoke. But in no time, they started talking to me and we started discussing things. We were full but still Paneer starter was left. Akshay ate a chilly from it and felt very spicy and tried to sweeten his mouth by grabbing some cool drink and water. He next asked Sukanya to try the same. Sukanya felt it spicy and her face became red. I also ate the same and we took the Coke bottle from our friends. There comes Aashu who has already finished his dinner. We forced him to eat the chilly. He did. He face turned red. He couldn’t talk. His expression clearly showed that it was dead spicy for him. His eyes were filled with tears. We gave him water and cool drink too which didn’t help him much.

We started going back to our Home Stay by walking on pitch dark roads. I was walking along with Shilpa and Chintu. Chintu was frightening me to listen to scary sounds and buildings which were located on the way and there were no street lights for a long length. I was little scared and didn’t lift my head. We used our mobile torch lights to reach Home Stay. After reaching our place, we sat together and played cards for some time and left for our respective rooms.

The next morning, I heard Shilpa waking us since 5:30 as we need to leave early for Mandalpatti and Abbi falls soon. I was feeling lazy and woke little late. We took the keys of independent room on the top floor and went there to freshen up. The scenery was at its best. The morning was as beautiful as imaginedJ. Rain washed Coorg is more beautiful than any other place I had seen. The home stay caretaker knows only Kannada perfectly and he was very happy when I told that I know Kannada. He asked us to feel free to ask for any needs. When I spoke Kannada with him, I was feeling really proud that I could manage another language along with my mother tongue. We started to Mandalpatti which is 71 kms away from our place. Paarth started playing Punjabi songs. He sang too. The beat in Punjabi songs is too good. We enjoyed it. After reaching Mandalpatti, we need to take their transport to go on to the hill. We took two jeeps and started moving. Driver was taking really fast and in a very rash manner. We were scared but soon we started enjoying the locations on the hill. After stopping the vehicle, we started climbing the hill. A small walk to the top of its highest peak blow us away. Extremely windy and raining heavily. The rain drops make us feel like the hits by pebbles. We were shivering and moving slowly by holding each other. Nupur was completely tired and taking steps really hard. She was shivering like hell. Even when were freezing, even when were completely drenched in rain and couldn’t stand stable due to extreme wind we clicked many pics :p. Location was worth-watching. It was not captured in pics as it was. All were completely exhausted. We then started to Abey falls as it was near to Mandalpatti.


There was heavy traffic on the ghat roads near Abey falls. Few of us started walking to Abey falls. I, Akshay, Chintu, Ashuthosh and Paarth started walking. I started talking to Akshay and we reached Abey falls in less time. When we turned back no one was there. We then thought they might not come and started walking towards the falls. As we entered, Maggie was sold in a small shop. Akshay wanted to eat Maggie but we decided to eat later after visiting the falls. We started walking inside and talking about the hills and falls. He told that he was planning to go to Goa for water sports. I said I have already seen and it’s worth going for water sports there. We could see the falls from long distance. It was damn attractive and it was like eye-feast for us. I just closed my eyes for few seconds to just listen to the falls. It was heavily crowded. But when I closed my eyes, all I could hear is water jumping from hills aggressively. I could feel few droplets on my face.

The third day, we planned to go for White River Rafting. We took extra clothes too. The person who drove the boat was explaining the rules. His accent was perfect. He told us the escape rope which is tied on the corner is called “Oh, Shit” rope. We all started laughing loudly. When you were thrown into the river, you should be holding that rope to hold the boat. After starting the boat, instructor asked us to get down into the river. I was very much excited and jumped into the river. I don’t even know swimming but with no fear I jumped into the river. I just love water and all games involved with it. I was not going back to the boat. I was requesting the instructor to leave for 5 more minutes. I just slept on the river with life jacket. I closed my eyes and enjoying the moment. And finally I went back to our boat. Sudanshu bhaiyya and others helped me to come into the boat. I was lost for few seconds. I wasn’t following the instructor. Chintu was sitting in front of me and Nihar was sitting behind me. We went little far and water was stable there. I asked the instructor to stop the boat for some time in the middle of the river. As I was behaving crazy since long time, he asked the people in boat “Is she this crazy every day or only today?” Everyone started laughing and I kept quiet. As we reached one of the falls, we were about to hit a big rock and the backside of the boat was raised. Nihar who was sitting beside me has fallen on me completely. I was screaming with pain. My left hand was swollen and couldn’t follow instructions. Chintu was following instructions very well and there was a good rhythm in rafting.


Instructor was explaining the names of the falls in the river. One of them was “Wicked Witch”. I started laughing and I remembered only that name. When we were done with rafting, my face was like :(. It was so soon. I didn’t feel that we rafted for 4 kms :'(. When we were lifting the boats, instructors asked guys to help him. He also called me to join them. I felt so proud shouting that “I am very energetic, that’s why bhaiyya is calling me”. With little excitement, I went to hold and lift the boat but slipped on the ground very badly :p. We were waiting for Jeep and told about “Wicked Witch” name. Arvind said “There are already 3 wicked witches here”. Srividya immediately said “It’s four including you :p”. We went back to our Home Stay after Rafting. I donno how all the three days were passed. I was so comfortable with these people. I didn’t feel at any single moment in the trip that I had come with new people. We sat together to play Cards. We were making fun of each other. Akanksha always starts laughing by seeing Arvind’s face without any reason. Her laugh makes us laugh :D. We were sharing some horror stories. Paarth started with a real story about him seeing a dead body in the next building hanging for hours. I had got goosebumps by listening to that. Stories didn’t continue for long time and people started discussing about non veg jokes soon :p.

Next day, we gonna leave the place. We were disappointed to leave Coorg as we all had great time there. We packed our luggages and wrapped all the wet and muddy shoes separately and moved into the bus. I just opened the Bus window and seeing our Home Stay for the last time. I felt “I am really gonna miss this place :(”. While going, I sat near the door of the bus to see the location. It feels awesome when you feel the cool breeze on your face. Never take an AC bus or any other vehicle which will be closed completely and stops you from enjoying the nature. I came back to my seat and lost in staring at the location from bus. Soon, I felt my hair clip was missing. I saw Chintu and Srividya who were sitting next to me, they said they didn’t take it. Shreena was sitting behind me. There’s no chance that she has taken my clip. She looks very innocent and calm. When I saw her, she was sleeping. So, I kept asking all the people in the Bus. Nobody was giving me. I took another hair band and tied my hair. After sometime I was talking to Aashu and he was trying to talk in Telugu. After few mins, he took his phone out of his pocket and read the sentence “Nak meeru ante chala istam” which means “I like you”. I was surprised to hear that.

No matter who the person is, when they say “I like you” that too trying to say in your own language is not a small thing for sure. My eyes were filled with surprise and I said “Me too”. He might have tried to say a random sentence to me, but the moment was perfect. It was pleasure for me to hear that sentence from a person whom you met just before 3 days. It was the best compliment. People just don’t say random things to random people, at least I thought so. As soon as he said that everyone in our team started teasing him :P. Punjabi songs were played in the bus. I was thinking “I am not gonna listen to these songs again, I am going back to routine city life where you don’t have greenery and which is just opposite to this place”. I was depressed with a sad smile on my face. My friend Chintu who sat beside me tried to cheer me up but I couldn’t be normal for some time. He then started explaining things like “You are lucky that you are here, just think about me… If I go back to US this year, I may not come for 3 years”. I am gonna miss him too who was my best friend since 6 years. After sometime, Chintu has given the clip by taking it from Shreena to Aashu. I was surprised to hear that Shreena took away my clip :P. “She looked innocent, but she’s naughty” I thought. Aashu took the clip and said that he’s gonna keep for himself as memory. I started laughing out loudly but he failed to give me back.

We reached Bangalore and Preeti suggested to have Burger in Truffles. We all took 4 autos to reach the place. It might take long time to eat there, so we had planned to take the parcel. We ordered and were waiting for it. I was really happy for some time. All are in Bangalore now, this place has become more beautiful with their presence. That’s the reason may be, people say “It’s all about the people not the place”. I, Chintu and Aashu started walking to the Corner House which is famous for Ice Creams. We were discussing about Bangalore and Chintu had told that he might come here for some Certification. Aashu told “I want to come to Bangalore once and visit the places”. I said “Definitely, You are welcome”. After taking the parcels from Truffles we started moving to Railway station to drop all my Hyderabad Friends there. I was feeling nostalgic. It’s being only 3 and half days since I met them. But they had become important part of my memories. My trip wouldn’t have been such a wonderful one without them for Sure. Akanksha saw my sad face and said “You shouldn’t cry but start laughing like you ever do”. I smiled at her and told her “I am gonna miss you people”. She replied “We too”. Paarth asked me to revise all the slangs which they taught me in the trip. They were such bad words and I told them in a very simple manner because I wasn’t knowing the actual meaning of them. All asked me when I was gonna visit Hyderabad again. I said “may be in 1 month”. Aashu replied “Come, meet me then and take your clip”. I smiled at him. Their train arrived and they all left. The entire trip was like a beautiful dream.


Thanks to SriVidya who welcomed me to join the trip.

Thanks to Chintu who had come to trip by respecting my words.

Thanks to Akshay who had organized the trip well and made us feel comfortable.

Thanks to Arvind who had taken many scolding’s (slangs) from me.

Thanks to Aashu who made me blush for some time.

Thanks to Akanksha for innocent smile and sweet attitude.

Thanks to Preeti for Morning Coffee on Friday. We will remember you 🙂

Thanks to Paarth for Punjabi songs and slangs you taught me and I used on Arvind :P.

Thanks to Shreena and Sukanya for all the memories.

Thanks to our “Vomit baby” Sukanya and Shilpa for entertaining us :P.

Thanks to Sudhanshu Bhaiyya and Nihar for taking responsibilities.

Thanks to Coorg which showed the difference from the regular place to the beautiful nature we have ever seen.

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  1. Nice I didn’t know till now about Coorg which is very nearer to us. On seeing the pictures we are also enthusiastic to visit the smart & beautiful place. I will talk to you in the evening.good day nanna

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