Unconditional Love

It was her office party. Everyone were participating in games, dances etc. She was sitting idle at a corner and just looking at his pics. She was feeling sorry about the fight with him previous day. She showed how much she was missing him in the form of anger.

He replied “You will never understand me” and the conversation stopped.

She wants to apologize but he didn’t pick the call again. She was shedding tears. She just can’t stop thinking about him. She was sitting on a chair and laid her head on the wall on the left side.
One of her colleagues came to her and says “someone has come for you and mentioned your name, watchman didn’t allow him because he didn’t have the passes“. She was surprised and walked towards the gate with swollen eyes rubbing with her scarf. She looked there, there was no one standing near the gate. She went and asked the watchman. He showed a guy near the car. Since there were no lights she couldn’t see him properly. She walks little further and it’s him :o. She runs and hugs him tight. She says “I am so sorry :(“. She didn’t let him utter a single word. He says “No, I am sorry. I realized how much you are missing me :)”. She looks into his eyes and gives a tight smile and cries once again. He whispers in her ear “I love you“. She blushes and says “I hate you idiot”. He kisses on her forehead and says “I will never leave again 🙂“. He completes her ❤



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