Nandi Hills

A beautiful Morning at Nandi Hills.


We would have visited many places in our life. Some of those are pleasant. We remember those for long. Nandi Hills is a memorable visit in my life. I remember the day most.

Well, many of bangaloreans would have heard this name and most of them would have visited by now. May be few more will visit soon. I was one of them. I heard about the place long back. Planned couple of times. After all, plans are made to get cancelled. After completing 2.6 years in Bangalore, I almost forgot the place. It was Sunday, Winter morning. I was feeling lazy to get up. My roommate came at 10:00 AM and started telling about the place with lots of excitement and happiness and showed the pics. Oh Damn! Its Nandi Hills which I was planning to go since long time. I thought “I will visit this place soon”. We planned and started on Next Sunday Morning i.e., 1st January,2017.

We started around 3:30 AM from our PGs on Bikes. If you want to enjoy the winter morning ride, going on bikes is the best way rather than cars. Sweaters, helmets, gloves and shoes are necessary.  There remains dense fog all around in winter. Sometimes, the fog is so dense that the sun rays cannot get through it. Everything looks hazy.


As it was a new year morning, roads were busy at 4:00 AM too. We could find many bikes and cars moving towards Nandi Hills. Even the Roads are vast, people were moving slowly because they can see the road only up to 20ft. We have stopped at a tea stall for having Tea. We saw people shivering in cold. Poor people gathered straw and made fire to busk in the heat. Animals, too are helpless. They were hiding themselves in the corner of house and try to save themselves from the biting cold outside. Working people get out of the doors when the fog disappears and when the sun is hot.

After getting down from bikes, we realized our hands were frozen. With little movement in the fingers we held the hot tea which was served in Paper cups. Tea was not great but we loved having in that climate.


Picture Credits: Google.

After few minutes, we started again following the Google maps. We were 8kms away from Nandi Hills View point and there was heavy Traffic jam. You will realize that you are not the only person who woke early in the morning for Nandi Hills. There are hundreds of people. The gates were not opened which was the reason for Traffic jam. People were waiting in the freezing state on bikes and cars. Few people already started clicking pictures on road. In few seconds, I turned to my right and saw this beautiful scenery immediately captured it.


After few minutes, Nandi Hills gate was opened and we started moving on Ghat roads. Ghat roads are well maintained, but still you need to be very careful while taking turns as it is Two-Way road.

The sun having risen, I could see the sun light partly falling on the hill.


I was unable to capture the scenic beauty. We reached Nandi Hills and parked our vehicles. We took entrance ticket for and started running to the View Point as we don’t want to miss the sun rise. We reached the View Point and what we saw is beyond the words.


It might be little difficult to travel around 60 kms in the freezing cold and waiting in the traffic. But it’s totally Worth. This scene makes the earth look glamorous. That was the beautiful morning I had ever seen in my life.


The youth enjoyed taking pictures there.  People were basking in the sun to get rid of cold. The dewdrops fell on the grass and the leaves sparkle like pearls in the rays of the morning sun. The scene of a winter morning is very transitory. This Scene starts disappearing as the day advances 😦 . There are tree-houses and gardens on the way down.


On our way back, we just gave a glance at parking. This is what we had seen. It’s not hundreds but thousands of people come here.


The weather turns little warmer and it’s time to remove your sweaters and keep in bag.

Grape sellers become busy selling green and black grapes on road.


You will find People from all walks of life, especially the villagers starting their day.

Nandi Hills is not a big trip, but that morning will last in our memories forever 🙂 .

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