Take a Break – Nishani Motte Trek

Note: I  write down my complete experience and don’t just concentrate on the place 🙂 .  It’s nowhere a travel blog.

I would say it is more of an adventure with leeches 😆

A Paradise of Leeches ⛰ IMG_3271

That’s the Nishani Motte Peak from the picture.

Why it all started ??

It was October 2019. Lots of changes were happening in my life. Moving to Hyderabad from Bangalore was the biggest change. I was bored with a routine lifestyle of office-commute-home thing. Since the Monsoon started, I was planning for a trek but couldn’t actually implement.

How it all started ??

I called Sudha, one of my friends/colleagues in Bangalore. I just told her that I am willing to come to bangalore to do a trek. Initial plan was to Dudhsagar. But couldn’t find any trek that week. We found Nishani Motte Trek in getbeyondlimits website and booked them. It was quick. My teammate/ friend Archana joined us too. Booked tickets. I was all set to explore Western Ghats during Monsoon.

I was so happy that I am gonna meet my friends after couple of months and the most exciting part is to trek with them who has inspired me from all these years. I missed them almost everyday at my new Workplace.

Oct 3, 2019 10:15 PM – Started from Hyderabad.

It was an overnight journey in bus (Obviously 🙄 – 560 kms). I reached Bangalore on Oct 4 morning. Spent a day with all my Bangalore colleagues met my so close sister. It was great.

Oct 4, 2019 9:15 PM – Started for Trip.

We had to board the vehicle at 10:15 PM at HSR LAYOUT, Bangalore. We were all super excited for the trip. While leaving office, we had a formality to sign on the declaration form for all women team members who’s leaving the office premises after 7:30 PM. Mentioning the time and destination on that record as 9:15 pm and Coorg instead of HSR Layout was crazy 😜.

We boarded the vehicle in front of a restaurant “Swaad-e-Punjaab”. Three others also boarded with us. We were all silent in the starting. We started asking few doubts to the trek organizers about the place. Few others boarded at Domlur. It was a group of young and energetic people.

Our trek Organizer, Arun introduced himself and asked us to introduce ourselves too but in slightly different way.

If my Name is Akshitha, I should tell a Food Name which starts with first letter of my name followed by my first name.

I remember few of the names with food items 😀

Apple Arun

Sambar Sudha

Akki Roti Archana

Mango Manoj

Raspberry Rajat

Samosa Satya

Namak Neha

Ruthvik 🤔

Sachin  🤔

Jayashree 🤔

Devnath 🤔

It was fun !

And we also had answered a question “What was the last thing you did for the first time ?”

They all told about their last treks/ trips or something crazy they did recently. I told about the Rope Cycling which I did recently at Siddipet. Most of us are Software Engineers. Two people (Manoj and Sachin) from our group are working for PhonePe. We kept calling them as PhonePe guys instead of calling by their names😀 And Devnath teaches IAS aspirants and also an amazing singer.

It was 10:30 pm and people soon fell asleep. It was a tempotraveller of 13 seater.

I was aware that semi sleeper/ pushback seats are not so comfortable to sleep. I took the place on the floor 😆 Yes, I slept on floor near the vehicle door. I wasn’t too shy because I felt rest is more important ✅

I was comfortable and I think I was the only one to sleep that night 🌝

We reached Bhagamandala Homestay at 5:37 AM. We took a quick nap again and got ready for the trek.


Having our morning coffee at that place was so pleasant.


We had our breakfast and carried packed lunch along with water bottles and enough fruits.

My earphones were missing. I couldn’t find them since that morning. Got into the vehicle searching for them. No luck. I think I lost almost 10 earphones in my life 😥 Irresponsible me.

We reached a forest office and submitted our Govt ID Photo Copy to the forest Department and signed the declaration form.

A guide from forest department accompanied us. His name is Arun too. We all started to trek. Climate was pretty good. Not so cold, not too hot.

There was a trail path in the starting and the difficulty level increased as we went further. We were scared about the leeches as they are very common in the Western Ghats. Our organizers advised us to check for leeches on our shoes every now and then.

Those creatures were creepy. They stick to our shoe/ socks/ legs and removing them with bare hands was a challenge for me in the starting. I was so scared and started screaming as soon as I saw a leech on my shoe 😥

I saw other people who handled them very carefully without screaming, unlike me 😁

Inspired by them, I eventually started getting rid of leeches without being scared.

There were few times that leeches were climbing from one shoe while you were busy in removing them on the other shoe. One by one, one by one …. Urgh !! It was terrifying.

Honestly, we had bad time with leeches. We couldn’t stop anywhere in the bushy areas as leech population was more. As we were moving forward we stopped for every five minutes to check for leeches on the shoes and on legs.

We reached a beautiful place on the way. We took our first rest stop to have some water.


And clicked few pictures.

We started moving again. Now, the path is an inclination of 60 degree. We had to walk very carefully to avoid slipping as the path is wet during monsoon.

Even if we were completely tired, we couldn’t stop at any place because we were scared of leeches here. I know I am talking about leeches more, can’t help. They were disgusting.

We took these amazing jumping pictures at this place on the way.



After few miles of trekking, we found a place which has rocks and boulders. We thought it’s safer to sit there as there are no signs of leeches around. That place was tremendously beautiful.


I wanted to do a perfect Chakrasana in this kind of location. I tried to do it on a rock. It wasn’t so comfortable. Somehow I managed to do for a picture 😆

After few more minutes of trek, we reached the Nishani Motte peak.

Wow ! Just Wow !


We were so happy to see the mountains around us. The breeze was great. We all collapsed at this place and started having our packed lunch. We had Puliyogare with Lemon pickle. I remember those moments clearly where we spent chitchatting, having food and snacks.

Now, the actual challenge has started. It was drizzling. We should start moving  down. Paths become more slippery during rains. We took our Raincoats and Ponchos from our bags and started moving. It was difficult than we thought. Each step should be taken carefully. Even when walking slowly and steadily, I was slipping. Devnath, one of the trek members, suggested me to turn right side and walk by keeping the foot horizontally to avoid slipping. That helped me to move better.

I started moving along with forest officer for sometime. Walking without a conversation was boring. I started talking to our forest guide in my broken Kannada. 😛

After sometime, I was talking to Rajat who is from Gokarna. We spoke about the technologies we work on and I got to know he’s a full stack developer. Full stack developers are so lucky and talented of course as they will have huge options when they are looking for a change. I asked him about the Gokarna trek. He suggested to take that trek as he heard it was amazing.

“My next trek 🏝 sorted”, I thought. 🌝

We were stopping every few minutes to do leech checks on our shoes. After wearing raincoats, it was bit difficult to find them. We didn’t know that they would find a path to move upwards with the help of the raincoat. On the way down, we found scorpions 🦂.


It was raining moderately and we reached Forest department Quarters. We filled our water bottles and sat for few minutes. I had a leech bite on my feet despite being careful. Others also had leech bites. Sachin, a guy from our group had multiple leech bites and blood was flowing continuously. It was scary. His white socks turned red.


I was happy that I didn’t have much leech bites.

Soon we reached our home stay and getting ready for Triveni Sangamam. We had hot tea and some snacks. I was going to freshen up and realized that stomach is moist. As there was no electricity in the homestay at that time, I asked my friend Sudha to check what it is. She screamed as soon as she saw and told me that it’s a leech bite and blood was leaking continuously from more than 30 minutes may be. There was a huge blood stain on my t shirt too. I applied some cotton and a band aid.

After sometime, I realized it was still leaking. We didn’t have any choice and my friend suggested me to put a sanitary pad as it can observe more and avoids spoiling t shirts.


Myself, Archana and Sudha were talking to each other for a long time.


We had our dinner and Camp fire was set 🔥 we couldn’t stop talking about leeches there too 😓

Our trek organizer suggested a game. We all sat in a circle around the fire.


These are the three words.

Fuzzy Duck

Ducky Fuzz


If a person is starting with Fuzzy Duck or Ducky Fuzz word, next person can repeat the same word. But, if the next person says Duzzy, the later word should be interchanged from Fuzzy Duck to Ducky Fuzz or Ducky Fuzz to Fuzzy Duck.

It was so much fun to play. They are like adult tongue twisters which might make  you pronounce the wrong word. Don’t say it 🤫

We left to our rooms as it started drizzling.

Soon we fell asleep.

Oct 6, 2019 – Second Day in Bhagamandala.

We woke up to the morning coffee and started moving to Triveni Sangamam.


Taking Pictures/ Swimming was not allowed here. There were tiny fishes in the river tickling our feet ☺️. Height of the river where we got in was lesser than 4ft. Taking dips in that cold water was refreshing. We spent around 30 minutes there and went back to home stay. We packed our luggage’s and started moving towards Tala Cauvery.

It is a temple located around Bhagamandala region. We left for Kushal Nagar to visit Tibetan temple and to have food at any Tibetan Hotel.

I had visited this temple couple of times when I visited Coorg. We were just posing in the temple. 😀


Our group was talking about Tukpa which is Tibetian dish. We were very hungry by then. We ordered Tukpa, Momos and Chinese Chopsuey. They took almost an hour to serve all these for us.

  • Tukpa was 🍜 Noodles & Soup with few veggies and very less spice and salt. I didn’t like that dish much personally.
  • Momos were so tasty with the pickle they served.
  • Chinese Chopseuy was the best. It had crispy Noodles and Soup and few veggies served with half boiled egg on the top.

I was so busy eating the food and forgot to click the pictures. I told the group that my Boarding time is at 8:50 PM from HSR Layout.

Rajat asked me the bus details to look for any other boarding points and found the correct boarding time 🙄 Everyone got to know that I was lying 😰 It is actually at 9:15 PM 🤭 I told  25 mins early to be on safer side 😛

I checked in Google Maps on distance and  the time we might reach Bangalore as I have to take a bus from Bangalore to Hyderabad that night. Wasn’t so tensed as we had enough time to reach. We can’t take chance on Bangalore traffic though.

I found a pretty dress in the market and bought it. I forgot about the pact that I made on August 1 which was not to buy any more clothes. ☹️ Stupid me with no self control 🤦‍♀️ Why are dresses so pretty ??

We got into the vehicle and started to Bangalore. I started to collect all the pictures from everyone to upload on Instagram 🌝

Special Picture was my favourite jumping picture ☺

On the way back, we played dumb Charades and shared few adventure stories, love stories and the funny/ crazy things. Neha is a super active personality and Ruthvik is a calm and humble kind of person. They made a great couple.

Our bonding was getting stronger.

Realizing that we will be leaving in sometime and we might not meet each other in our lifetime was sad.


We got down at our stops and moved towards our destination.

I boarded my bus to Hyderabad. I met this amazing personality Nalini who is a young founder of a startup www.edyoda.com who’s seat is next to mine. It was so nice meeting her and talking to her about our journeys. She’s of my age and is leading a very good career oriented path. Sure she’s an inspiration 😊

Every moment of this trip was so memorable for me. Credit goes to the people whom I met in these couple of days.

Thanks Guys ! You were Amazing !

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