The Fault in Our Stars – Hallucination

I read this book a few years ago. I wasn’t so involved. I have reread it again in Nov 2019. I was listening on my commute to work on Audible. When Hazel (the lead character in the book) was explaining her difficulty in breathing and carrying an oxygen tank with her all the time at a very young age 16. I was just imagining the situation and felt really bad for the character. People love to roam around and play at that age. She also explains her family’s love towards her despite being sick, they are proud of her all the time.

I finished a few chapters in the book and reached home by then. I had my supper and fell asleep.

Well,  I woke up at 3:20 AM. It was hard to breathe. I started searching for my oxygen tank and thought about how I forgot to put on my nasal cannulas while sleeping. I was breathing really hard and kept searching with my hands in the dark. I found my mom sleeping beside me. I was trying to wake her up if she could help me in getting nasal canulas.

I realized looking around in my room “Omg !! I am Akshitha, not Hazel Grace”.

This always gets a smile on my face. I loved myself at that moment getting so close to a character in the book. Few people call it mad. Nevermind, I am happy.

Hazel’s character is an Inspiration. Her mother’s care is wonderful. Last but not least, Augustus Waters’s love towards her is unconditional. Every line he mentions in his eulogy is Epic. I am totally in love with these characters and the book.

Author of The Fault in our Stars: John Green.

Great Job !









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