Gokarna Trek with college buddies <3

A Monday morning after a beautiful trip sitting at my office desk still thinking about the weekend. That’s when I thought to write down my memories. I know this will bring a smile on my face a few days later 🙂


We cancelled few plans and wasn’t even sure if it’s gonna happen this time. I booked Gokarna trek with GoAdventure team and waiting for the day.

It’s Friday yay ! 💕 17th Jan, 2020.


Feeling excited since morning, I packed my luggage and decided to go by Metro to Miyapur. I called my friends and started. My mom with a sweet smile and happy face sent me wishing happy journey and travel safely. I hugged her and said “I am gonna miss you guys for the weekend, but I want to do this. Bye ”

She said “Ok, make sure you wear decent clothes not shorter than knee length ”🤦‍♀️

I said running towards the gate shouting “No way” 😂. Dad called me saying he’s gonna be late and wished me a happy journey.

After taking a couple of autos, I took the metro to Ameerpet to meet my friends first. Reaching Ameerpet I saw my friends waiting near the Tickets counter. With full of excitement, I greeted them. They got their huge trekking bags.🎒 After speaking with them for a couple of minutes, we started moving towards our next metro. With three well-built guys around me (Puppy, Goutham and Vinay) I looked tiny🤦🏻‍♀️. We got into the Metro. We were standing with luggage as we didn’t find seats. I met Puppy and Goutham after college. But I saw Vinay after 6 years. I never spoke with him much all these years. I wasn’t even sure if he’s a good company for trip :D. At the end of the trip, he became one of my besties 🙂


Next is to meet Srujana and Sri at Miyapur. After a few confusions and delayed bus timings, we got into the SRS pickup bus.  To take the main Bus, we started taking our luggage and moved out. After 10 mins, I realized my jacket is missing. Oh no! I have a very bad habit of forgetting things especially when I go on trips. Agreed that I am excited, but I need to be careful too :(. I got it later by contacting the bus driver. 🙂


We were happy and excited to meet after a long time. We spoke for some time about our work, office and just routine things and soon fell asleep. Around 8:00 AM the next morning, we reached Hubli. We got into the Kamat hotel to freshen up and finish our breakfast. With less salt and spices in their food, I felt the food was tasteless. I didn’t like much. Not even coffee was strong. I ordered Uttapam which was so tasteless. I never ate boring Uttapam as such. This picture was taken outside the Kamat Hotel.img1


We got into the minibus  which goAdventure team hired for local commutation. We introduced ourselves to the group with whom we were traveling. We played Dumb charades for some time with everyone on the bus and reached OM beach by 2:00 PM. I would suggest booking a direct bus to Gokarna which starts early in the evening so that the bus can reach Gokarna by next morning which won’t be much tiring. I am not so happy with such long hours of traveling. Especially during the daytime. But with Goutham’s jokes and Puppy’s sense of humor, we easily spent hours without any boredom. Vinay is a shy guy. He didn’t speak much. Personally, I feel visiting any place during the sunrise or sunset gives the best feeling. I and Srujana behave so crazy when we are together. I wouldn’t have enjoyed my Btech days without her.


We freshened up and started trekking to OM beach. Wow! Beaches are beautiful. After walking for a while, the trek Organizer asked us to get into the water if we want to. Initially, I thought I will get into the beach after the entire trek so that it won’t be difficult with wet clothes. I was wrong. It was okay to trek with wet clothes 😀




I gotta express how I felt. The waves, the breeze, saltwater in our mouths  It was awesome. I started to swim for some time. After I learned swimming, this was the first time I got into the water. I love swimming and want to keep learning freestyle swimming and underwater swimming ‍🏊‍♀️ After shifting to Hyderabad, I never went for swimming 😦 .

Swimming in the sea is an entirely different experience. Pretty tough and scary. 😮

We did the regular stuff, throwing water on each other and pushing others in water  Vinay was too strong. We couldn’t push him in water 🤦🏻‍♀️

Puppy had taken a few amazing pictures in his professional Camera  and Srujana has misplaced my goggles and we couldn’t find them  😫

Sunscreen, shades, hats and decent dressing, Chuck them all. All we wanted is to be free today. We played for some time and started moving towards half-moon beach. We ordered some food and got into the beach again. I wished I could have known swimming better. We went back to the restaurant to have food. As the lady at the restaurant knows only Kannada, I was the one who communicated with her. Proud feeling to talk in their regional language and I personally love Kannada.

As soon as I entered the restaurant, I saw a familiar face. Oh god ! Now I remember, it’s Satyendra from getBeyondLimits team, Bangalore. I had been to Nishani Motte trek with them. It was so much fun with those trekkers. It surprises me sometimes how people become so close on trips/treks. It was nice speaking with him, and he invited for few other treks with their team. Meanwhile, food was ready and we headed to have lunch. It was a simple lunch. A veg fried rice, egg fried rice, and chicken fried rice. We were so tired, and food was served hot fulfilling our taste buds and hunger.


We wore our sports shoes again and started to trek for the Sunset point. We took some amazing pictures on the way.


We climbed these rocks to get the perfect view of the sunset. The rock here doesn’t have enough friction to hold us tight. We had to climb very carefully.



After the Sunset point, we headed towards our stay. Before that, we stopped at Paradise beach to have Maggie and Bread omelet. I, Srujana and Puppy were sitting near the shore as Vinay, Sri and Goutham were near the Maggi Bandi.

Just sitting idle, sleeping on the sand, staring at those stars and the sound of the waves was amazing. Wow! Beach, Stars, Food and friends. I and Srujana were disturbing Puppy asking all the stupid questions about his trek experience and all. Puppy with lots of patience somehow tolerated us and answered questions 😀  Our dresses carried so much of sand. Pockets of my jumpsuit had at least 1/2 kg of sand 😀 After a few moments of pleasantness, we started night trek with the help of mobile torches. I was happy in every bit of the trip with these people. I love you guys ❤ :).  I and Goutham were talking about Shakini, Dakini ghosts. Just meaningless conversations :D. On the way, we met a few young people who were trekking on their own and asking us for the route for Paradise beach camping. They wanted to camp on their own. I was surprised by their guts.


Very soon we reached a tea stall and had good Elachi Tea. We played Truth and Dare with the ball which they bought at Half-moon beach. This was the only picure taken. Sorry for the poor quality. But, it reminds us of our memories 😀paradse

Regular questions on breakups, crushes 🤦🏻‍♀️ When will these guys become advanced :P?

We boarded our Minibus and went for dinner followed by Camping. It was like a resort with a beach view. We camped near the beach. It was a different experience.  After freshening up and arranging the tents, we sat together to chitchat. As Vinay was sleepy, he went back to his tent. We were discussing things happening in our lives and general conversations. Puppy and Goutham has got Haldiram Peanuts 🥜. We started eating them and shared ghost stories but not many. We weren’t sleepy at all. We went out and sat near the trees in the resort. We were just roaming.

After a few minutes, we saw the fire from a very long distance. There were three people moving around that fire. But why did I see those three personalities as white human structures instead of actual humans? Not sure what it was. I think Goutham and Puppy still remember the incident. We heard them shouting, moving around the fire. Later, we saw many of them. Still not sure if they are some supernatural creatures. I wasn’t much scared because I have people with me 🙂

We could see millions of stars. Puppy was showing 3 consecutive stars and said he used to notice them for a very long time. There were positioned in a slanting line. In cities, we do not see any stars because of extreme pollution. Looking at the stars late night was beautiful. I and Puppy noticed Goutham was talking to someone for more than an hour. I went to him and took his phone. To my surprise, it was Ravi from our college whom we used to mention as 6’4” based on his height. I wasn’t sleepy until 3:40 AM. I was fully tired after that. I reached my tent by 3:52 AM and fell asleep in a few minutes. I could hear people talking at 5:00 AM and they were getting ready to go to Murudeshwar temple. We woke up for an exciting day. Less sleep didn’t matter to me this time. I am super active and very happy on this trip.

As shorts were not allowed in Indian temples, I made my scarf as a wrap-around skirt  which can be also called as lungi :p

murudeshwar temple



This temple architecture was great. The Shiva’s idol is the best tourist attraction. I love temples. I feel pleasant there. There’s definitely some positive energy around. We also visited Bhukailas museum in the temple. The artists who made those idols are extremely talented. The faces are very expressive. They depicted happiness, sadness, anger, love, confused facial expressions in a very right manner. I was very much impressed by their talent. We next went for breakfast at RNS Cafe behind the temple. Breakfast and coffee were good there.


We bought few Prasadam laddus and headed to board our minibus. We started our journey towards Vibuthi falls. We walked for around 15 mins to Vibhuti falls from where the vehicles were parked. As soon as we reached the falls, we were not so happy to see huge crowd. We got into water. Rocks are very slippery, and we couldn’t depend on them for support. Water is very cold and the average depth was more than 7 feet. I didn’t have guts to swim in that chilling water. Our Organizer provided Life jackets and I was super happy. I could easily balance myself and started swimming and floating around. Puppy encouraged me to dive into the water. Initially, I was very much scared. Eventually, I loved it so much that I repeated multiple times.CF7657E1-F48B-4876-A132-FAB991E904B7


There were professional swimmers too. They dived from heights. Sitting beside the waterfalls was nice. Water rushing through my body and pushing me away didn’t scare me much. As the water was very cold, I was shivering. But it didn’t stop me from enjoying or swimming. I had that shivering feeling even after coming out of water. We also saw weird insects and tiny fishes near the waterfall.  After a couple of hours, we came out of Vibuthi falls and headed for lunch. The food wasn’t good. It reminded me of my PG food in Bangalore. As we were hungry, we ate without any complaints. We got into our Minibus again and everyone was tired this time. After sitting silently for a few minutes, we started talking again. We were cracking jokes on each other. The best jokes were between Srujana and Puppy about common interests. She asked the reason for him not texting much to her. He replied saying “We don’t have any common interests to talk about”. Then started discussing things they like and there was nothing in common

They entertained us to the fullest.

We stopped for a Coffee break. Ordered a few snacks and Coffee. I and Srujana targeted Puppy asking about his trip experience. We were not accepting even when he told multiple times that he had enjoyed the trip. He lost his patience and asked for more Bhel Puri. Only we understand this joke. After snacks, we stood near our bus for some time discussing about who can lift whom. Srujana lifted me, easily 😀


We finally reached Hubli. We weren’t so hungry for dinner. We were searching for a juice center in Hubli. After walking for a while, we found a decent place to have juice. We felt so safe to walk on empty roads after 8:00 pm because we have guys too this time. They were our pillars of strength. I enjoyed that walk too.


As Goutham left for Bangalore, we started missing him already. While Sri and Vinay were chitchatting on the bus, I and Srujana went to Puppy’s seat asking him to show pics from his DSLR. We couldn’t wait until next morning 😛 Sri’s pictures which were taken during the sunset were very beautiful. Her fair tone, wavy hair, and her red t-shirt and obviously amazing photo skills added beauty to the picture. We got back to our seats and realized that our vacation was over ☹ How sad 😥

But Yeah 😀

We returned to Hyderabad with lots of memories. ❤


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