Last Day in Bhutan 🇧🇹

Last Day in Bhutan 😦

We had no places to visit as we had to leave to Siliguri. Woke up in the morning and checked out the rooms. I observed these two pictures in the reception when we went to return the keys. King and Queen are beautiful people.


When we were settling the bill, we noticed that the receptionist is receiving money with two hands and returning the change in the similar manner with outmost respect. Apparently, that is the tradition in Bhutan. While waiting for Lochan, we took few pictures outside the resort.


Got into the vehicle and started our day long road trip to Siliguri. While crossing Paro Airport, Lochan was explaining about it.

Bhutan is known to be one of the world’s most dangerous airports. I know that sounds uncool, but I was really petrified when I learned that it is so dangerous that there are only 8 licensed pilots in the world who are authorized to land at the Paro airport. For many of you, it might sound like a great adventure to fly to one of the most dangerous airports. Even the runway is one of the world’s shortest runways. Because the Paro valleys always experience strong winds blowing at high speed, almost all flights face severe turbulence at the time of landing.

Road trip wasn’t boring because of the beautiful Ghats and these amazing people. How trips make you so close to people? Vijay and Aashray were no more strangers to me. Lochan has dropped us at Pheuntsholling and assigned a different vehicle till Siliguri. After crossing Pheuntsholling, temperature increased rapidly and we started sweating. We reached OYO Stay at 4:30 PM that evening. We were discussing only about Paanipuri all the way.

We freshened up soon and started to eat Paanipuri in Siliguri. We had a competition among ourselves and I stood second by eating 45 Paanipuri.  I guess that’s the first time I ever ate so much. We then left to taste authentic sweets as West Bengal is famous in Rasgulla and others. We walked around 3 to 4 kms that day in search of the famous Mithai Store. My friends ordered Bengali Fish from Swiggy and praised the taste. After dinner, I took Akhilesh and Srujana to see if we could find Tea. I had a bad headache that day and Tea cravings. We went for a small walk and found a hotel. Tea was Bliss at that moment. After returning to hotel, we played UNO for some time 🙂


We took a flight from Bagdogra to Hyderabad next morning. Such five beautiful days were spent in Bhutan.  Those glacial mountains, Chilly weather, Pine Forests, Monastery’s, Cute little kids, Taktsang Dzong trek are memories now.

My little discoveries about this place, during my short trip of 4 days made me fall in love with this place.


Bhutan, You have my heart.




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