Last Day in Bangalore 😔

“Should I be sad that I am leaving Bangalore or happy that I am shifting to my home town Hyderabad?” asked myself. 

Woke up with mixed feelings that day. Switching on the geyser, I was sitting idle and remembering those beautiful 5 years of my life. Entered as a grad student in Bangalore, leaving now as a professional with lots of memories and life experiences. “I wouldn’t have been the same if I had not come here” I thought. Last day of my PG life. As my nightshift roomie was sleeping, I mumbled to her “All the very best dear, see you in Hyderabad”. With my luggage, I started walking to office. I was so blessed all these days to find a stay which is 15 mins walk from our office. I had this nostalgic feeling while walking on those roads. I walked on those roads twice a day for 4 years. Many things had changed. Even roads were resurfaced twice in this duration.There were few places on that road like Vishnu Veg Hotel’s Tea and Filter Coffee, Fruit Lassi from Lassi Corner, Idly Sambar & Bonda Soup from Udupi Vaibhav. I was sad that I was going to miss all these. 

I used to always walk to office at 7:30 AM, while Mosambijuice guy starts his shop in front on Cessna Tech Park. I was a regular and first customer there most of the times. As soon as I go, he used to prepare me the perfect juice of my choice (without sugar and salt). That day was the last time I had there.

Reaching office, there were many formalities to be finished. Submitting the Laptop and ID card, I was no longer an employee of Bangalore office. There was another Tea spot of my favorite kind “ADDA”. I liked the taste, thickness and that cup was perfect. My breakfast on that day was my favorite Raagi Dosafrom our Cafeteria. I had to meet my Ex- colleagues too. After finishing my formalities, I went to my Ex- Company to meet them. They were bunch of Amazing people. Oh Yeah! I had a Fav Tea spot there too 😉

We ordered strong Ginger Tea and recollected our memories. We worked for Pfizer team for a pretty long time and fun we had during that time was great. Sharath and Santhosh were our leads. I never felt that I was speaking to people a decade elder to me. They were fun and talented people. We went to Kavya’s Mango farm during last summer. We picked fruits from trees and I had enough fruits for that whole summer. Kavya and Sanjay were best buddies to me. We all used to stay in different PGs but in the same location, Kadubeesanahalli. Those weekday outings and late night dinners were memorable.

Boring were our meetings,

Coped with those Outings.

I still remember my first day in Bangalore. Just a college passed out student who doesn’t know how to behave in a corporate world. Scared and silent. Initial days, we used to go out when the trainings were cancelled. Later, manager gave a counsel reminding that we are no more students to bunk. Working in those mirrored buildings was a dream during my college days. I like myself how I transformed in these 5 years. 

As I reached my current organization, my friends were waiting for me. Why am I so lucky to have these amazing people in my life? Archana and Sudha were special. I couldn’t spend a day in office without them. Anupam also came early today. He was new to our team but a best buddy to us. My desk, my office, my people. How am I going to live in Hyd without them? My cabin was always a fun place. We had Veera, Shiva, Sunil, Archana and Anupam. I love to spend time with them. We used to share stories, crack jokes and laugh louder. Not to forget, my laugh was pretty famous on my floor. That was pure happiness. I miss laughing like that. I have tears rolling while writing this sentence. It’s being pretty long time since I laughed out louder. Archana’s newly wed fights were our starters in the morning, Anupam’s new series stories after lunch were interesting. Our lunch team was filled with Fun and loving people.

My People 🥰

On that day, they arranged a farewell to me. Cake Cutting, wishes on a greeting card were routine. I still have a video where I burst into tears. That very moment was emotional. I always imagined myself as a strong person and doesn’t feel much nostalgic in situations like these.  I was wrong. I was also happy that I have loving people in my life. Later, I received an Amazon Gift Voucher and a hand written letter from Sudha along with a pack of Lip balm and Face foam. That was the best letter I had ever received. I could feel how much she loved me all these days. That letter got me into tears. As my flight time is nearing, I packed my luggage and moved to the Gate 2 to board Cab. All these lovely people came till the gate and wished me all the best for my future. With lots of tears and love I left Bangalore on July 31st, 2019.

Why I wrote this after 9 months?

I wrote this on a paper at 10:30 PM reaching AVASA hotel on July 31st, 2019. I found it in my cupboard today while cleaning. Every moment was fresh as I read it. Such a simple yet good gesture of mine helped me in recollecting those memories. Loving me more 💕

2 thoughts on “Last Day in Bangalore 😔

  1. I got 1 common point in all these information you gave about the trip.. guess what?
    It’s “tea”, wherever you go you are sipping out a tea all the time. And that’s crazy.. keep it up. Keep going. Wishing to have more and more interesting blogs like this.


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