A Good Morning

Tring Tring ..

The atrocious sound of my alarm wakes me up from my deep sleep. With much difficulty I reached out to my mobile to switch off my alarm. I didn’t open the eyes, I exactly knew where my phone is. It was on the bed lamp table on my right. Clicking on Snooze, I slowly fell asleep again.

I was in the examination hall. Mathematics exam it is. I took my seat near the window in our class. Received the question paper and started looking into it. “Questions on Trigonometry and Integration, I love those topics” I thought. Holding my Cello Gripper pen hoping to finish exam soon and catch the train.

Surprise! I don’t know how to solve any of these questions. Well, I know tanθ =sinθ/cosθ. But, these questions are not as simple as that.

OMG! Why didn’t i revise?

What was i doing yesterday?

Why did i appear to the exam without preparation?

What if I fail?

I was tensed and looked around. These people doesn’t even look like my classmates. My heart beats faster.

Tring Tring …

My alarm rang again..

Opening my eyes slowly, I am in a beautifully decorated bedroom. A beam of light enters my room through the window on the left and falls on the indoor plants decorated on the table. There are also beautiful paintings in the room.

I laid there questioning myself.

Where am i ? How did I do in the exam? Have I been here before?

Still being confused but not scared, holding comforter tight. I stayed in bed until the last possible moment sinking into its soft frame. The blankets wrapped themselves around me and holding me tight, making it extremely hard to move. And then, I realized a warm something on my body. Turning my face a little, I found a guy resting peacefully on my chest as if he’s listening to my heartbeat. I was surprised but not scared, again.

I was moving my right hand on his soft and silky hair, looked at him. There he is, “the apple of my eye” and “the love of my life”. That’s my husband Mike. “How long was I sleeping and dreaming?” I thought smiling to myself.

It’s a king size bed. We hardly occupied 1/4th of it not competing for space. I was feeling warm, safe and happy in the morning. We have been married for a few months now, working in IT bought this beautiful house in this society to make sure we play, swim and workout. We did our partial payment and the remaining amount by Home Loan, obviously. I decorated our home with paintings and art supplies keeping it as simple as possible and with less furniture so that our kids in future can roam around freely. We don’t have plans for kids for couple of years more. We don’t want to be totally occupied with responsibilities and financial stress. We wanted to be little more settled and have these years only for ourselves.

Now, I understood why I am feeling all drowsy this morning. Yesterday, Mike got a Red Wine of a very rare kind and insisted we drink along with French toast he made. I couldn’t say no to his loving gesture. We talked, laughed and I don’t remember when we fell asleep. “Boy! how lucky am I to have this loving husband?” I blushed.

To get off the bed, I tried to moved slowly avoiding to wake him up. Mike with his sleepy voice “Don’t wake up now, login at 11:00 AM today and I will drop you”. I wrapped my arms around and hugged him tightly and soon I fell asleep all again.

Image Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/412290540860435136/

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