Lonely days

Lonely days

Yes, I too feel lonely sometimes. A person who doesn’t know a bit about feeling down and starts experiencing it. This happens to everyone in the world some or the other time. It’s the situation where you feel you are left over. Even when you are in a big crowd, you feel lonely. You go out with your friends, still you feel lonely. You try to overcome by spending time with your loved ones. What if they are busy?? Whom can you share with?
You might want to talk to parents for sometime to forget everything. But the thoughts will be haunting you. You will end up the call very soon without sharing a thing. You are matured to think that you don’t want to make your parents sad by speaking about you. Sleepless nights. Endless sadness. And you find no one to share. There are friends to hang out with. I don’t say no. There are 100s of contacts in your mobile. You don’t dare to call anyone. We really wish we have someone like Siri who has soul to speak to us during hard times.
The situation will make you think worse about life. What am I staying far from the family? Why do I need a job? Making good career will make me happy down the lane ? This is what needed in my life?

i am not happy. I knew it. Why I am I still continuing with these things?

Confusing minds, depressing thoughts are only best friends now. And there’s a concept called love in this world. People say it can cure any kind of mental disorder. But deep in the heart you feel what if the person don’t take your problem seriously? How can you make them feel like you are undergoing all these? Finally you will drop out of the idea of sharing these with that person. You would realise that an amazing person who can accompany you in your tough times is just you !! Only you !!

So called best friends become busier as time passes by. Not to blame them completely. Have we ever tried to hook up with them regularly? We were busy in our own lives.

Truly a tough time !! Recovery is not an instant tablet or medicine. It’s a slow process of loving yourself and feeling confident about yourself can do magic.

When you do not have a person to express your feelings, you should have a pen and paper. Write them. You will feel way better. Writing for yourself is an amazing thing.

Thanks to the technology which is helping us in making it an easier way by blogs. Just speak your heart out. It’s not just a blog. This is my diary